HIGH SPEED HYDRAULIC RODLESS SINGLE SIDE LAMINATION COMPOUNDING MACHINE High speed Lamination Machine uses lamination grade LDPE、LLDPE、PP、EVA、EAA as coating material,mainly designed for paper single side coating, real production speed can reach 180M/Min. https://www.jiandajx.com/ Entire Machine control by PLC, weight more than 50Tons, to ensure machine stable while running at 180M/Min.


Thickness Automatic Setting Compounding Part Process and Speed Showing, Screw Rotate and Speed Showing, Extruder & T-Die Temperature Setting and adjusting, entire machine speed adjusting all in Center Control PLC. Pre-Load your process data in Touch Screen(Paper Width, Lamination Thickness)can allow you to work with Synchronization of Compounding Speed, Screw Speed and Thickness of Automatic calculus accurate(For Example: Paper Width 1000mm, lamination thickness 20µm. Set above data and choose Synchronization Calculation On. Then entire machine running you only need to press speed up or speed down button, to make product in precision automatic control, and can make sure thickness remain even while speed down or up), also you can work with separate control.


Auto-Splicer For Super Speed model working speed is too fast, almost every 8-15 minutes will require to change another roll of paper, auto-splicer can change paper rolls automaticly in high speed process with minimum wastage.


Automatic Tension Control With Linear Positioner and Precision pressure regulating valve) to sense tension, adjust by PLC close loop tension control.


Automatic EPC Brushless dc push rod drive rectifying control system,Moving distance ±75mm,Motor control by Controller,Acoustic sensors on edge,high precision automatic edge matching.

Product parameters

Model BJLM1300/100 BJLM1600/105 Screw Diameter φ100 mm φ105 mm L/D 33:1 33:1 Product Width 600-1200mm 800-1500mm Coating Thickness 0.01-0.10 mm 0.01-0.10 mm Designed Line Speed 210 m/min 210 m/min Max Extrusion 300kg/h 330kg/h Main Motor 45 kw 55 kw Total Power 155kw 180kw Main Un-Winder ≤φ1500 mm ≤φ1500 mm Winder ≤φ1300 mm ≤φ1300 mm Weight 15000kg 17000kg Overal Demension 15000×10000×3200 mm 15000×10000×3200 mm Power Supply 380V/3P/4L/50Hz 380V/3P/4L/50Hz https://www.jiandajx.com/product/high-speed-hydraulic-rodless-single-side-lamination-compounding-machine/

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