When you think about sport there are a number of things that spring to mind. Many things like baseball, tennis or soccer are what we automatically think of but there is a new sport sweeping the world and it’s called Knocker Ball.

What is knocker ball and how can I play it? Here is everything you need to know about the latest sporting craze that everyone is talking about.

Knocker Ball Sport involves encasing yourself in a large ball of air allowing you to knock in to others, roll, flip, fall and bounce in a completely safe and fun way. The large single chambered ball of air is made from either PVC or TPU and has shoulder straps and handles inside for extra protection and ease of movement. When wearing the knocker ball you can literally defy gravity and avoid pain when you fall over, get knocked down or bouncing around. The ball itself is lightweight so it isn’t cumbersome still allowing the wearer to run and move around freely and hassle-free.

There are a number of ways you can use your knocker ball. You can make it a competitive sport and get teams together, even if you are already in a team for a different sport adding knocker balls to it will only increase your enjoyment. Wearing the balls during sports such as soccer or rugby can bring it to a whole new level of competitiveness and above all else fun!

Not only is knocker balls great for sporting events they are just fun in general for everyone. Whether you just want them for your own children to give them hours of laughing just rolling and bouncing around your backyard or bringing all your friends together for a party, the sport of knocker ball is versatile and you don’t need to have a high fitness level to enjoy participating in it.

One of the main reasons that knocker ball is becoming so highly successful and popular all over the world is down to the fact it brings people together. Many companies and businesses use this sport as a recreational way of team building for their staff. Nothing bonds people quicker than being knocked over repeatedly by their co-workers in large inflatable balls of air. (even just reading it sounds fun!) You might even be thinking of organising a fundraiser for a worthy cause or local project in your community. By getting a couple of teams together to play a charity match or sponsoring them to run so many kilometres wearing the ball etc it can be a brilliant way of creating a fun event in your community while raising money at the same time.

There really is countless reasons for buying a knocker ball and countless ways to make the most of wearing it. It’s a thrilling, no holds barred sport allowing the release of energy in a safe and exciting way. The freedom you get while wearing it is adrenalin filled and highly addictive.

Anyone can play knocker ball but if participants are under the age of 18 they should be supervised at all times.


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