Pill Press Machine assembly of high precision, quality wear-resistant material, stable and reliable, is recognized as the country’s most popular product. Using industries from pharmaceutical factory radiation to veterinary medicine factory, electronic components factory, ceramics factory, chemical raw materials factory, even mosquito coils factory, fish medicine feed mill, disinfectant factory, catalyst factory have been used. Usually pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical laboratories are selecting a rotary tablet press as the preferred drug production, because a rotary tablet press with high yield, stable quality, suitable for scale production etc..

Popular market a high-speed rotary tablet press with high yield, high pressure, reliable operation, wide application and low cost etc. sought after by many companies. Pharmaceutical tablet press machine good price performance, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency, PLC HMI is to save money and time, etc. can be regarded as the elite of tablet press machine.

A tablet press is a machine which is used to make tablets using compression. A powder formulation containing active ingredients and excipients, such as fillers and binders, is run through the machine and compacted into specific-sized tablets. The specifications are set by the manufacturer to allow the precise amount of active drug required. Tablet presses may be used for non-pharmaceutical products too, such as in candy production.

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