JAPAN’S 60-YEAR-OLD MAN FALLS IN LOVE WITH A SILICONE DOLL, WHICH IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THE REAL COUPLE EVER SINCE. In Japan, there is an old man in his sixties who has a wife and children, and the family premise is very good. He should be a very lucky family, but he likes a silicone solid doll. He not only sleeps together every day and watches TV together, but also takes it with him even when traveling. In his mind, it is not a cold silicone doll. It’s his friend. Every morning he carries a silicone doll in the city, which is not very different from the ideal couple. He also named the silicone doll Saori. Six years ago, he left his hometown to work in a foreign port. Because of his loneliness, he bought a silica gel doll to accompany him. After that, he became more and more attached to this silica gel doll. At the very beginning, he bought silicone dolls to deal with psychological needs. As a result, when a man goes out alone and his wife is not around, how can a man have no need? But later, he gradually became more and more passionate, and he no longer regarded it as a genuine “sex doll” to deal with needs. The old man hinted, “Ancient people became more and more indifferent. They only paid attention to their own personal interests, regardless of others. Even if they married their wives, they might become disobedient, but the silica gel dolls would not.” Therefore, in the future life, the silica gel doll becomes the closest living companion of the old man. Every day he dressed up for the doll, went to the park and slept together. Take Xiaobai to the bank one day to deposit money. He loves to be clean. He barks before he goes to the bank. When I was in line reading newspapers, Xiao Baiwang shouted, but had to lay the newspaper on the ground for its convenience. After saving the money, I walked out to the bank with the newspaper wrapped in dog poop in one hand, and suddenly a motorcycle rushed out and grabbed the newspaper bag in my hand. I was shocked! Passers-by: What a pity! Look, people are silly. Forty-five thousand? You can buy Tiny Silicone Baby from here https://tinysiliconebaby.com

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