Wing Chun in real martial arts fighting theory, began to study to improve the body structure, joint activity and fluid mechanics, from the traditional five elements such as gossip and pictograms divine metaphysics, non scientific nature, approximate interpretation of philosophy.

Wing Chun dummy happens to be a wooden dummy initially used in martial arts. Click to view more: has its origin from China. The wooden dummy is largely linked to Wing Chun a Kung Fu artist alongside other martial artist from Southern China. The Wing Chun Wooden dummy was customary made of wood. Lately the dummy is manufactured from synthetic fabric like plastic and steel. An elderly gentleman living in Australia is among the innovators who came up with the Wing Chun Wooden dummy.

Of all the existing wooden dummies the Wing Chun wooden dummy tops the list of most renowned. One of the martial arts legends indicated that wing Chun wooden dummy was derived from approximately 108 distinct shaolin temple wooden dummies. The wooden dummies were conjoined into one component by Ng Mui the shaolin temple nun. The objective was to enhance training with extra efficiency. Wing Chun wooden dummy works with a leg and an arm design configured to build chi (energy) and fighting skills concurrently.Click to view more:

Predecessors and then designed a set of training system by simple static Qigong from the shallower to the deeper, the first set of boxing and a little thought in hand stretching movement began, until the idea of general movement in response to whole body so far. In addition to the real can be used for attack and defense, and the training of mind hand stage, because it is not rigidly exercises natural reaction, repetitive sequence of moves, more easily to practitioners interested.

Therefore, Wing Chun can match at the arena project, general training can also be regarded as a long-term fitness movement [4]. In Hongkong, the Hongkong police academy and the ICAC training camp routine in Wushu training self-defense is dominant, has also joined Wing Chun elements. In addition, part of the aviation industry in the training of flight attendants security content, also joined Wing Chun skills. If there is a need to be able to contact us:

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