WHAT IS ZORB BALL ? Zorb Ball is also called Big glass ball. It is a outer diameter of 3 meters, diameter of 1.8 meters large double ball. zorb ball is made from polymeric materials PVC or TPU, to ensure the comfort and safety of players. Blower before you play outside between the ball and the ball is filled with gas, after riding into the ball, in the staff of the Department with the help of better safety equipment, use of inertia and gravity, let the ball with a certain slope straight flat lawns rolling down the river.

Zorb also named zorb ball.The security of Zorb ball is very high. There are therefore no much physical restrictions to the participants. All aged people can try this out. It is great fun to slide into a giant inflatable ball.You may ride by yourself but to make more fun you may ride with up to two friends. However, if you are riding with your colleagues, you have to ride in one without harnesses.

Zorbe is allowed only at official zorbing locations. The company that makes these giant inflatable balls has strict guidelines on the areas of use. For instance, The Zorb Smoky Mountains in Tennessee is the only site in the US. Another zorbing location is the Rotorua in New Zealand.

You can play Zorb ball in the snowfield, glass, sand or even on the hillside. The ball is widely available in the aquatic parks, tourist spots, children's amusing parks and skiing parks. Zorbing is the activity of rolling in giant inflatable Zorb ball also referred to as, "globe riding. It is definitely a fun activity that you will enjoy. The zorb is made of flexible plastic which is transparent. It is inflated with air that provides cushion for the rider as he rolls down the hill. It is made of two layers of plastic, the inside layer and the outer layer, with air in between them. You may ride in one on a flat surface or down a gentle slope. http://www.zorbs.us

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