On this day, we have a few friends came to a place of activity, we divided into a few simple team, Ping and introduced how to play bubble football what is bubble football!

Knockerball or Bubble Football is a type of soccer where players put on inflated torus that covers their upper-body and head. This recreational sports is played either indoors in a sports hall or outdoors on a grass turf. Players over 10 years allowed to play Knocker ball bump. This sport has become very popular and many people all over the world are involved in it.Click to view more:http://www.knockerballbump.com/product-tag/bubble-ball-price/

A start, you can't compete with you to play football, but also wearing a huge bubble in football when competing for football will always be hit together, it will collide with each other burst into laughter, indescribably fun.Click to view more:http://www.knockerballbump.com/make-next-gathering-knocker-ball-game/

The knockerball price depends on its brand. Knocker ball are not that cheap because of its big size and amazing design. Their prices range from $200 to $300. Extra charges may be added if you are shipping it to your country. However; there are some promotions going on that where the more balls you buy the more discount you get and thus you can get them at a cheaper price.Requirements needed while playing the game.

Through this thing I understand that the results are not important, it is important that we understand the friendship first, focusing on participation. If there is a need to be able to contact us:http://www.knockerballbump.com/

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